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  1. Book chessboard theme MessyAnswer That's ugly though.
  2. Short hyperbullet video. Chesstroll_Berserk Here is another one:…
  3. How can i turn on notification… ProgramFOX Yes, that's possible. The following steps work for both Firefox and…
  4. How can i turn on notification… Diszpecser I want to turn on notifications when i move, a message appears that is…
  5. Endgame ignorance hurts the ra… TimDerTurm I just had a basic endgame rp vs. r:…
  6. I just played a Perfect Game :D Diszpecser Nice game! I have a nice game too.
  7. Draw offers after each move noob2chess Its annoying.. I have had a lot of people offer draws especially anons…
  8. Attacking game nevergonnaberserk Well played!
  9. When Do Insights Update? Lanoc There is an update insights button on the left-hand side of the page n…
  10. When Do Insights Update? nezhone Hi all, was trying to keep track of my opening statistics and noticed …
  11. No more "more" button visible noob2chess hmm. I do remember it being there also.
  12. Short hyperbullet video. Ljubljana_14 What mouse or whatever do you use? Looks very smooth.
  13. No more "more" button visible achja Since today I cannot access the "more" button in the notifications tab…
  14. Better social integration ninguno IMO + fb has the features you are searching for.
  15. Draw offers after each move chesshater I think that players such as @GuiltyKing_UM are cheaters. It's a bad …
  16. Short hyperbullet video. Chesstroll_Berserk Captured few games for fun.
  17. Endgame ignorance hurts the ra… LM Lightsss rook endgames are my favorite way to beat lower rated players. i'm als…
  18. Better social integration davidgv I think that would be very interesting that Lichess would be more soci…
  19. Is 'Horde' a fair variant? kaynight I would say it is biased in favour of the pawns
  20. Book chessboard theme guchenxi It seems there is already a book piece theme, it would seem natural fo…
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