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  1. Bug, King promotion not possib […] rookenstein I noticed that I can not promote pawn to a King when I was analysing m […]
  2. PLEASSE SHOW THE LINE OF OPENE […] Toadofsky Nevermind, I see the opening name is listed below the board, so ECO co […]
  3. PLEASSE SHOW THE LINE OF OPENE […] Toadofsky It would be nice if opening puzzles were tagged by ECO code (since the […]
  4. PLEASSE SHOW THE LINE OF OPENE […] soldier89_kn Moderators it would be nice when we try to find the best 1 to 5 best m […]
  5. What is the lowest rating for […] ProgramFOX #3 Heh, I believe that should be caused by a rating going negative […]
  6. What is the lowest rating for […] BluesOn i guess i find the weirdest:
  7. What is the lowest rating for […] JPTriton If you do an advanced search and cap the average rating at 800 you'll […]
  8. Lichess timeout. BlueKnight9 By timeout, I mean site timeout.
  9. Lichess timeout. BlueKnight9 I have never seen this happen. Lucky me I was able to get back in fast […]
  10. Tournament 15 second first mov […] ChecksMix I was in another tab when my tournament game started, and by the time […]
  11. Chat colors Userscript in lich […] Dionysus_god I like thibault's quotes.
  12. Chat colors Userscript in lich […] jupeq Chat colors Userscript in lichess like in hexchat https://openuserjs. […]
  13. New game mode idea Septagonizate #8 and on that fateful day, stockfish died a little on the inside
  14. New game mode idea Toadofsky #9 Haha, SF never gives up! :D
  15. Rematch fix Clarkey Red exit sign next to their name on the right means that they've left […]
  16. What is the lowest rating for […] Firebrass11 I've seen 800s... Have you found worse?
  17. Rematch fix EugeneJudo Please make it so that we can see if the other player has left the pag […]
  18. Reality Is Really Mean mruknowwho Some draws are really beautiful; one of which is NOT this game. I was […]
  19. tournament hajo please, introduce a classical tournament with at least 20 minutes!
  20. New game mode idea DVRazor #8 So did SF give up on move 100? :D
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