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  1. loss 300 points elo today FoogChess same here, I used to be around 2000 for KotH, and now, I am 1800, I lo […]
  2. 1 minute per move FoogChess it is possible, just put for your time setting: 0+60
  3. Overcoming a losing streak FoogChess I always play 0+1 KotH, so if I lose on time I get pretty P.O.
  4. 1 minute per move funfair Make it possible to set "1 minute per move", please!
  5. Overcoming a losing streak Dionysus_god I feel for ya man. I lost like 10 in a row yesterday. 1. Take a br […]
  6. Overcoming a losing streak FoogChess and, I lose like 20 games in a row, look at my KotH rating
  7. Overcoming a losing streak FoogChess the problem is, I never come over a losing streak, look at my profile :)
  8. loss 300 points elo today okgo It's like gambling. You need to learn when to stop. And stop.
  9. Training puzzles: Mate in N vs […] static_shadow Let me state clear and for the record, I personally dislike chess puzz […]
  10. loss 300 points elo today Dionysus_god Same thing happened to me. Not 300, but I am usually 17-1800, not 1600 :C
  11. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotl […] linuxguy The analysis was stuck in a loop. But now it's completed.
  12. loss 300 points elo today opaque amazing how this game can disgusting you by moments.
  13. Overcoming a losing streak LM Lightsss Play worse players. :o
  14. [GAMES] Post your best games here! motion My best game so far or at least the one I like more It has nothing s […]
  15. loss 300 points elo today opaque i am destroy : ( pass 1890 to 1590
  16. MAD GAME !!! CATWARRIOR2005 fast wing counter attack as black
  17. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotl […] mandeep Having said that, it is now working. ;(
  18. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotl […] mandeep I'm not sure if this is the same problem you're having, but my compute […]
  19. Overcoming a losing streak LM F_D89 Keep playing and studying.
  20. Playing both sides on a free board? NoviceGirl Thanks for the reply, flugsio. Yes, I know what you are talking ab […]
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