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Hourly Bullet 26m 1
Hourly Blitz 56m 2
Hourly Crazyhouse 56m 1
Hourly Classical 1h 56m 3
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 0
Canal 1.5+0 Anti Rated 1h 20m 6
Spielmann 6+0 Anti Rated 1h 30m 8
French Defence 2+0 Rated 20m 1
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  1. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. TheIceManV That was hard... Got it though! 17th try!
  2. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. Manglecopter left the engine on it ruined it on me :(
  3. Rook ending and opening choice. Rob420 Thank you OriginalConcept. The computer also tells me to go back on th…
  4. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. NoThinkingAllowed Can you show me how this position is legal???
  5. BUG GAME Moh001 where is the bug ?
  6. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. PrepareToLoseBruh Everyone turn off computer evaluation as soon as you get to the analys…
  7. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. NoThinkingAllowed I left stockfish on... I'm a sad man...
  8. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. PrepareToLoseBruh Post the time it took for you to figure out this puzzle. White to play…
  9. Why is there no option to simp… Nazgul86 My opponent who had a lower rating than me offered me a draw two times…
  10. Using an engine? nuffsaidM8 I have a hard time believing that a player of this level could think o…
  11. TOURNAMENTS SPAIN - ITALY! aerdna87 I want to share the rules set of the italian tournament, in order to g…
  12. Explain, why computer "Stockfi… LM Lightsss because its not perfect obviously
  13. Explain, why computer "Stockfi… student2004 Explain, why computer "Stockfish AI level 8 (2500)" lost to the a huma…
  14. PNG download link - single gam… TypicalCheater16 yes, you have PGN in analize mode ,also you can import games
  15. PNG download link - single gam… chessfollower Hi, It is possible to download pgn file with game on view "my profile…
  16. Rook ending and opening choice. OriginalConcept Hey! I'm not an expert by any means, so take what I say with a grai…
  17. Playing tournaments zerdax No worry, you will get paired most of the time with players with simil…
  18. overview over opponents ProgramFOX There is a "Favorite opponents" link on your profile which gives an ov…
  19. Rook ending and opening choice. Rob420 I played this game with an anonymous opponent. I have not played sici…
  20. overview over opponents pkruser1 is there a way to show how many times i played against all of my oppon…
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Crazyhouse, an overview

Strategic concepts, tactical patterns, openings, and other resources

OMG Crazyhouse!

The epic chess variant is landing on lichess

Racing Kings & the Second ChessWhiz Cup

Ringing in the New Year with Racing Kings and the second ChessWhiz Cup!